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Sales Accreditation

Single Proprietorship or with Representative Broker

  • Completely filled-up Broker Accreditation Agreement
  • 2 pcs 1″ x 1″ color I.D. photo

  • Certificate of Registration of Licensed Real Estate

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker’s ID

  • Certificate of Registration of Business Name

  • Community Tax Certificate

  • Copy of contract released


  • Registration of Partnership with SEC

  • Articles of Partnership

  • In case the order party/ies is not a License Real Estate Broker/s a joint warranty by partner/s and License Real Estate Broker to notify EES in writing (30) thirty days prior to severance of the Licensed Real Estate Broker from the partnership (original)


  • Registration of the Corporation with SEC

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Board Resolution stating the name of the authorized to get the check representing proponent for commission and incentives.

  • Board Resolution stating the name/s of the person/s authorized to attend the official functions and meetings of EES (original)